Mental Health Care

Mental Health Care

We are now accepting new patients and are offering teletherapy sessions in the comfort of your home.  All commercial insurances and

Medicare now cover teletherapy.


  • Evaluations and assessments
  • Individual Counseling
  • Behavior modification exercises
  • Stress reduction exercises
  • Patient and family education

We help with

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Life Transitions
  • LBGTQ Issues
  • Stress
  • Relationship Issues

What to expect?​

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Individual therapy sessions (in person or virtual)
  • Flexible scheduling based on the client’s needs
  • Establish achievable goals​

Our team of clinical social workers treat a variety of conditions and fully monitors the progress of every person they care for. Generations Life Care uses proven therapies and treatment methods to improve the ability to function, not only at home but at work and in the community. With time, we are able to decrease symptoms related to the illness and develop effective coping and stress management strategies to strengthen life skills. We have not only decreased hospitalization stays but also prevented hospital visits without techniques. Not only does our team provide methods for coping, but we educate about individual illness and addiction and the road to recovery and treatment. Our goal is to promote wellness, stability, and quality of life.Our team works closely with family doctors, county agencies and other partners to make sure the client’s needs are fully met.

Sometimes, people have difficulty leaving their homes to get the care they need to overcome an emotional illness. If you are an adult with mental health issues, the fear of aging, and adjusting to changes in physical health, you may have trouble getting to a therapist or counselor, due to mobility issues. That’s where Generations Life Care steps in.

Generations Life Care offers virtual as well as in person therapy. The therapist works with you when you are unable to leave the house and provides individualized treatment. For clients who suffer from depression, hoarding, anxiety, and other disorders that make it challenging to go out and pursue treatment, Generations Life Care helps by making the treatment accessible.

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How to enroll?​ Contact us at 610-558-9600 or Request an Appointment